Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated

6 Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated

Starting a new exercise routine can be challenging. We all have busy lives and keeping yourself motivated to fill that crowded schedule with energy-intensive exercise isn’t easy. A great exercise routine offers huge benefits, though, so making it part of a healthy lifestyle is a no-brainer.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably really good at making excuses. So how can we avoid the denials, procrastination, and downward slide away from our fitness goals?

Here are some tips for keeping yourself motivated to work out…

Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated #1: Schedule it

You might be surprised, but simply by putting something into your calendar gets you mentally prepared for it, and holds you accountable. Additionally, if you share that schedule with others? That accountability goes up. So plan ahead for how and when you can fit in your workouts so they don’t get lost by the wayside and you can stay on your mission to get fit.

Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated #2: Commit to shorter activities

Sometimes, the thought of going to the gym for an hour-long session can be intimidating and overwhelming. Especially when you are just getting started! So, to ease into things, start by committing to shorter activities. Say, “Tuesday I will go to the gym for 25 minutes.” That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? You’ll likely surprise yourself at how quickly that time goes by, and how great you’ll feel once it’s up. The tough part is that initial push to get there. So, by tricking your mind into thinking it will just be a short time, you’re motivating yourself to go and you’ll be sticking with your workout schedule no problem.

Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated #3: Make the little things count

Don’t have an entire hour to hit up that spin class? That’s OK. Sometimes we have to make do with the time we have. Fifteen minutes four times a day still equals one hour. Do some interval training, work up a sweat dancing around the house, take the stairs at work, and bike or walk to school/work or park your car at the far end of grocery store parking lot. It’s the little things in life that add up to make big differences.

Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated #4: Start small

When you start a new exercise regimen, it’s easy to get caught up in everything and want to max out. But you don’t want to burn out. Start out small, build up endurance and muscle, and take things step by step. Do some reading, or consult an expert, and find out the right way to get started. Having the right foundations will make things easier as you progress and this will keep you motivated in the long run to continue on your fitness journey.

Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated #6: Make it fun

Who says workouts have to be boring? Physical activity should be fun! Simple things like having a killer playlist or exercising with a buddy can make all the difference in the world. Find out what kids of activities you like, switch things up so you don’t get bored, and keep plugging away – the key to staying on track is to staying motivated. Having fun along the way is a great way to maintain that motivation.

Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated #6: Do a 30-day challenge

One of the hardest things about creating a habit is getting over the hump of those first 30 days. Committing to a 30-day challenge is a fantastic way to be accountable to yourself and your fitness goals. Use the 30 days to motivate and train, and then assess how you did and learn how to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle moving forward.

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