9 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Much like a new relationship, fitness can be really exciting and engaging at the beginning! Think about all of the new activities you’re engaging in, so many new things to look forward to, and all the possibilities still lay ahead. At this point, you’re still keen and engaged with your goals and you remember why you’ve started down this new fitness path to begin with. But as time marches on, we can sometimes lose sight of why we started or struggle to motivate ourselves to keep up that same vigorous pace with which we started. We hit a motivational plateau, and then what?

If you’re thinking that motivation is something that you struggle with from time to time, you’re not alone! So with that in mind, we’ve come up with 6 different ways to help change your mindset and motivate yourself to get your workouts in.

Put your workout clothes on

When you’re tired and it’s been a day, the last thing you want to think about is going to the gym or that fitness class. Instead of brushing everything off all together, just say to yourself: I will go put on my workout clothes and if I still don’t feel like working out I don’t have to. Often, once you’re in those clothes, the motivation to work out is so much easier!

Commit to just making it to the parking lot

Another trick is to tell yourself, “All I have to do is make it to the parking lot.” Once you’re there, decide if you want to go in or not. The point is this: you’re allowing yourself to make the decision in the right state of mind. Instead of shutting down the idea of exercise all together form your couch, where it’s easy to say I’m tired, shut it down from in front of the gym, where it’s a little bit more difficult to convince yourself to say no, not today. Once you get yourself to the gym, it’s much easier to go inside, feel that energy, and commit to doing a short (or long) workout.

Keep a journal talking about how you feel post-workout

Post-workouts give us all the feels! To encapsulate that feeling, keep a short journal that directly talks about your fitness experience that day and how it made you feel. This is a fantastic tool to track emotional connection and will more likely than not give you that extra nudge next time you’re on the fence about working out or not.

Follow a specific training program

Sign up for a half marathon, an 8-week challenge, a Spartan Race, or whatever else gets you motivated. By committing to a goal and pursuing a dedicated training program to get there, you have to hold yourself accountable and give yourself something to work toward. Not only will this provide ongoing motivation, it will also help to establish great habits and give you an amazing sense of accomplishment once you meet those goals.

Make exercise fun

Do activities that you actually look forward to! Do you have a favourite spin instructor that gets you so motivated you can’t help but smile all the way through class? Make sure you hit up that class whenever you can! Love being by the beach? Sign up for a summer volleyball league. The point is, whatever you’re doing, make sure it’s something you look forward to. That is the key that will make you never want to miss out on your exercise routine!

Get invested

We spend so much of our disposable income on things like entertainment and lifestyle products or experiences. What better way to commit to a healthier lifestyle than by attaching some dollars to our fitness regimen? Invest in a personal trainer, a boot camp program, or any fitness program that will hold you accountable. We’re all motivated by different things in life – sometimes seeing that money come out of our bank accounts is the incentive we need to keep our enthusiasm for fitness moving forward.

What gets you up and into your fitness routine? Tell us your favourite tips and tricks! Have questions for our experts? Get in touch.