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Each of our classes are designed to challenge, inspire and to give you what you need to succeed. These programs are professionally designed to burn calories, sculpt your body, engage your core, and get you life-ready. There's nothing more motivating than an athlete in motion... When you're here, you'll know what we mean.



The bootcamp class is a total body workout in a circuit style setting incorporating high interval training using body weight exercises as well as dumb bells, battle ropes and a variety of other equipment.

This co-ed class is a total body workout in a circuit style setting incorporating body weight, dumb bells, battle ropes, TRX and Kettlebell Exercises. This class is high energy and it will leave you craving for more.


Whether you have had a bad day at the office or just need to get a good sweat on. This is the class for you!! This class consists of a series of bag work, speed drills and pad work combining body weight exercises into the routine, from crawls to sprawls and non-stop drills.

You will build your endurance, your core and strength. This Fitness Kickboxing class will leave you invigorated and ready to take on the world feeling strong and sending positive vibes.

Upper Body Sculpt'n Kickboxing

This class has become one of our most popular ones, targeting an upper body muscle group for about 4 weeks. Using dumb bells for specific timed exercises to target our upper body sculpt sessions allowing for lean muscle definition whilst incorporating kickboxing for part of the class, having that body work beyond it’s threshold building your endurance.

Power Lowerbody Sculpt'n Crunch

A class that focuses on toning and sculpting your lower body as well as strengthening your core. A strong core provides a foundation for all your daily living and exercises and helps prevent injuries. Building lean muscle in your legs giving you nice shape and strong legs.

This Toronto Radio Personality Lost 17lb

My wife told me about Ironstone Fitness after working out with Rosie for a year and seeing results. I had been going to a franchise gym occasionally, lifting weights, but not enough cardio.

I weighed 176lbs when I started working out with Rosie, 4 months later I dropped to 159lbs where I currently sit. I’m VERY addicted to Ironstone Fitness and consider myself a member of this amazing family for life! Thanks Rosie!


After my daughter was born I knew I wanted to get into shape. I thought I could do it on my own by trying to eat healthy and exercising , but it wasn’t working. When the 12 week challenge came up I knew I had to do it.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workouts but the classes are perfect for any fitness level. I lost 40Ibs and a total of 20 inches –  all my baby weight and then some. This gym is a gem!!


Ironstone Fitness has helped me find my way back to the love of being active and eating healthy again. Like many working mothers, I have a tough time scheduling in my workouts and was getting tired of the gym. A friend recommended Ironstone’s 6 week Challenge last November. By Christmas, I lost 15 lbs and over 11 inches.

Coaches and members at Ironstone are the best and will keep you on track with your goals.

Ananda LOved the Ironstone Experience!

What can I say… Ironstone Fitness is a place where results are guaranteed so long as you follow your plan. The 12 week challenge was a great kick start to a healthier and happier new me. I hit all the goals I set out to accomplish over the challenge with regards to weight loss, inches lost, increased strength, stamina, cardio and energy. 

 I have been to other bootcamp fitness centres but Ironstone Fitness is by far the best!!!

Eileen Lost 15lbs and 5 Inches!

I joined the 12 WEEK CHALLENGE with the goal of losing 10 lbs before our cruise in December. We were given an individualized nutrition plan which never left me starving. I gained strength, muscles and my confidence boosted. I went way beyond my comfort zone and wore a 2 piece swim suit with no cover ups during our cruise.

I wanted to thank Rosie, Shelley and the Ironstone Fitness team for their dedication in making sure our goals are achieved.


Spartan Training

Indoor Training consists of learning how to climb ropes, flip tires, monkey bars and some interval training and of course burpees. Our outdoor training compliments the indoor training, where you will build on endurance and speed while training on the hills and outdoor terrain. Grab your team and join Spartan Race!


H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) is what this class is all about. Come and get ready to work as you’ll be taking on anything but basic movements, in short times to get that heart rate soaring!

Now what goes up, must come down, and through timed recovery, we increase your fitness level, while SHREDDING off fat, and gaining strength!

Kids Bootcamp Program

(Temporarily Cancelled) A fun and intense bootcamp designed just for kids! This class is high energy and focuses on building strength, confidence and body awareness by using their own body weight in a safe atmosphere.

Suitable for kids age 6 – 12.

This class will return at a later date.

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