What to Expect IronFit Challenge

What to Expect from an IronFit Challenge

Taking an IronFit Challenge at Ironstone Fitness is a great way to re-ignite your fitness routine. It can be easy for a typical cardio or gym routine to grow stagnant. If our workout habits become predictable, we get bored. Not only that, but we start to see fewer results as our bodies become used to our workouts.

It takes real dedication to keep pushing your workout routine to the max. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. An IronFit Challenge can give you the push you need to achieve great results.

Looking to sign up for an IronFit Challenge? Here’s what to expect.

Every IronFit Challenge is a group activity, with a personal instructor

Each IronFit Challenge is a group class, so you’re going be working out alongside 10-20 others! This can be an incredibly motivating and inspiring experience. However, it’s important you don’t feel as though you have to keep up everyone else. We each have our own level of fitness and pushing to your own personal limit is what matters. Your IronFit Challenge instructor will help to ensure everyone is keeping proper form to prevent injuries. They will also be providing the awesome motivation needed to keep everyone moving and pushing it to the max.

Be sure to hydrate

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of how much (or little) water we drink throughout the day. Try to make sure that you’re drinking enough water leading up to your IronFit Challenge class, and afterwards. Keep in mind, though, as a this article points out, that you must be careful not to over hydrate. You’re drinking enough water if you can avoid the onset of thirst during your workout.

Use modifications where necessary

Just like yoga, cross fit, or any other type of fitness class, there are modifications for every IronFit Challenge workout. This is because not everyone is at the same level of fitness. Your instructor can help tailor your work out by either increasing or decreasing the difficulty to match your needs. If something is too difficult/not difficult enough, be sure to ask for a modification! In order to make the best use of your time, make sure you’re pushing yourself!

Go with it

IronFit Challenges are tough, both physically and mentally. They’re a great way to disrupt your usual routine and crush that fitness plateau. To get the most from the experience, there are times when you’ll just have to go with it. Giving every class 100% is a surefire way to create a sense of self-satisfaction, and ensure motivation. The main key is to be persistent. Keep giving it your all and, in the end, you’ll be able to look back at a job well done!

IronFit Challenges offer a supportive and positive environment in which to work out, have fun and shed a few pounds. Check out all our current and upcoming IronFit Challenges by clicking here.

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