Inspiring Fitness Bloggers

Inspiring Fitness Bloggers to Follow on Instagram 

Looking for some fitsperation? The web is chock-full of inspiring fitness bloggers who can help provide tips, advice, motivation, and just a good old reality check on how to balance a healthy lifestyle with, well, life. They give us that little bit of extra motivation by providing a daily does of inspiring quotes or ideas and links to healthy recipes. They also give us a sense that we’re all in this together – seeing images of others who are actively crafting their own healthy lifestyle habits makes us want to do so as well. Here are some of our favourite fitness bloggers to follow!

Inspiring Fitness Bloggers #1: @massy.arias

Massy is a weightlifter, health coach, and new mom. Her instagram account is full of meal prep ideas, real-life gym pics, airbrushed editorial photos, and inspiring quotes (What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?) Massy is a great one to follow for all your iron-pumping insta-stories and motivation to get through those hard workouts and connect with someone real.

Inspiring Fitness Bloggers #2: @Plankingforpizza

Jess keeps it real. She shows us the true balance in life – that we can have a healthy, active lifestyle and still eat pizza! Follow for body-positive inspiration and tips on how to incorporate healthy eating (and pizza) into your life.

Inspiring Fitness Bloggers #3: @drkev_hybrid

Dr. Kev is chiropractor, exercise therapist, and movement & exercise coach. He posts awesome videos that address common issues many people have while training! Sore back? Lack of movement or flexibility? He gives pictures, videos, and advice that will help you heal and enhance your performance. It goes without saying, though, you should always use with caution and consult a doctor for serious health issues!

Inspiring Fitness Bloggers #4: @MyNameIsJessamyn

Jessamyn connects with her audience by being honest and authentic. Her message? Any body can do yoga – and she spreads her body-positive message with love to move past mental and emotional barriers. Follow her for amazing yoga inspiration and to see yoga can be practiced by people of all shapes and sizes.

Inspiring Fitness Bloggers #5: @Kaisafit

This exercise guru has a Masters degree in Exercise Science so you know she means business. Take one look at her instagram account and you’ll see why we’re not kidding. She walks the walk when it comes to working out – and posts all kinds of videos to prove it. Look to Kasia’s videos for inspiration to get moving at the gym and try out some of her killer moves to keep your workout fresh and ambitious.

Who are your favourite fitsperations to follow on instagram and in the blogsphere? Let us know below – we’d love to hear!