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IronWheels Spin Class – Ironestone’s Newest Program

IronWheels Spin Class Will Help Get You in Shape

There is nothing more exciting than finding a brand a new way to get your butt in shape! Our recently-launched IronWheels Spin Class is an 8-on-1 fat-burning, muscle building program that’ll help you get in shape faster!

This class is a high intensity cardio workout, focusing on form, efficiency and overall calorie burn. To introduce IronWheels Spin Class, we’re looking at why spin classes so effective in helping you get into shape.

IronWheels Spin Class is a fantastic way to stay motivated

Working out by yourself can often be challenging, and it can be tough to stay motivated. With IronWheels Spin Class, you sign up in advance and by doing so, you commit to that class. You’ll also be surrounding yourself with other motivated people just like you! Together, with a dynamic instructor and amazing music, you’ll be more motivated than ever to get the best workout possible.

IronWheels Spin Class gives you a high intensity workout in a short amount of time

Many people complain that working can be too time consuming to commit to long-term. Yet, we all know how important it is to take great care of our bodies. Ironstone Fitness’ IronWheels Spin Class offers a great full-body workout in under an hour. It’s a fantastic way to get maximum impact in a short amount of time.

You’ll leave your IronWheels Spin Class feeling euphoric

Every IronWheels Spin Class is high-energy and high-fun, with instructors trained to keeping everyone motivated to the end. The combination of sweat, music, and endorphins combine to give you a feeling of euphoria that can’t be beaten.

Want to try out an amazing IronWheels Spin Class for free? Email or drop by our studio location for a free single-class pass. We’d love to see you on one of our bikes – there’s nothing quite like that feeling!

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